A brand is a fundamental part of any company’s business activities and culture. If you have strong values and beliefs, you will stand out.

The description of what makes up a brand is often debated, we believe a brand is represented by 4 primary areas that need all work together.

  • The product or services offered.
  • The environments of business or sales are conducted.
  • Human behaviour.
  • How you communicate your offer to the marketplace.

If one area fails, then the brand will dilute over time. You could have the best products in the world, the best communications and the best people, but if the environment you conduct your business activities does not provide the right experience and represent the values of your brand, then your customers will be confused and possibly change their buying decision. The phrase ‘you get one chance to create the right impression’ remain very relevant, and some brand forgot this.

Consistency is an essential ingredient. Brand standards and experience should not differ from location to location. There will be a need for localisation based on culture, but this should not dilute the core brand experience only enhance it by being respectful to the local market needs.

Implementing change is a hugely complex activity, often with significant investment costs and operational challenges. We have developed a simple formula that ensures a brand is successfully implemented and activated.

1 – Objectives

First, decide what you want to achieve. Define a clear brief, detailing your aims and goals. Are you merging or taking over an existing brand, are you looking to refresh or rebrand your facilities or having a new product launch? Consider over what timeframe you want to complete this. How many locations and where they are? Do you have existing infrastructure, knowledge and capacity within your business to delivery such a project yourself?

2 – Strategy

You need to create a strategy for brand consistency and approach. How are you going to ensure the project is on-time, on-budget, on-brand? Do you have a plan for delivery partners to support your endeavour? What is stakeholder engagement needed? What budget is available? Are you looking for an instant brand transformation or rolled out several years?
Is brand training for new roles and experience needed? People are your most valuable asset.

3 – Affordability

Brand design and experience is only successful if it is rolled out, applied and activated. The investment costs can be high and require a return on investment. Investment costs of implementing brand change can vary dramatically, and many considerations will help reduce your costs.

Have you the right supply chain partners in the right places? Are you moving goods across borders? Irrecoverable taxes may be incurred if not planned right. How do you move your branded elements? How are works on site completed and by who? Importantly, is the design modular, scalable and flexible to work in all your business environments?

4 – Resources

When implementing a new brand, it is critical that you have the right expertise steering and managing the project. A transformation project is a considerable undertaking, so it is imperative to ensure that you have the necessary expertise and resource to be able to manage the project.

Do you need to engage a specialist project management company? Where are the resources required? Centrally, in-market or both? What support is required for local operational teams? How are you going track, report and measure the critical stages of the rebrand? Do you need a stakeholder engagement plan?

By following this strategy, great brand experience and design can be affordable through intelligent engineering, experienced resources, digital channels and the right approach to implementation. A brand experience concept and strategy should provide a not be cost prohibitive.

Circle4x is highly experienced in providing the best value, fast-paced, single, multiple outlets and mega project implementation on a worldwide basis.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs and provide the best solutions. Our designs keep in mind the ever-increasing demand for sustainable design, and we always look to minimise our client’s investment costs, while reducing on-site transformation time to give high-speed pace market.

We believe in providing you with a return on your investment.