Project Description

Future Retail – Premium Retail Experience

From 2012 until July 2018 Michele was responsible for the project “Future Retail – Premium Retail Experience”.

BMW wanted to increase its customer satisfaction and the premium customer experience in its retail network. By changing the perspective, the aspiration was BMW wanted the customer to perceive the brand and the retail process as luxurious. Future Retail implements this new way of thinking into the retail process. The aspiration is that every customer has an all-around inspiring and unique experience at each point of contact with the products and the brands at every sales channel or contact point possible – whether online, on the phone, on the go or at the dealership.

The future retail programme engaged all stakeholders from the HQ, National Sales Companies and dealers to develop new roles, dealership design, digital tools, communications and training which was rolled out to 3500 BMW and 1500 MINI showrooms across the world.

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