Inspiration drives us one step ahead.

We started our company because we did not want to follow the old rules and habits. We had the desire to help others to change things, to see things from a different perspective, inspire to be brave and take up new routes in their business and their way of thinking and acting.

We also wanted to contribute to leave something to the next generation. As consultants, we see how much CO2 we waste in travel, which, on many occasions, is not always necessary.

So how could our business goals, such as reducing our travel time, costs and CO2 impact, while being a human-centric, innovative and agile organisation, be achieved? The reality was we need to move from Physical to Virtual Reality.

Working with Arthur Technology, we have designed an office in Virtual Reality which enables us to form an immersive and collaborative experience. It is a place where we meet colleagues and our clients to discuss, work and share ideas and projects.

We use this inspiring space for uniquely immersive training with our clients on topics such as behavioural coaching, experience strategy, design and conceptual workshops. With this approach, we massively reduce time, travel costs and carbon footprint for our clients.

Just imagine you need to organise a workshop with 20 people from your organisation, but they are located in multiple countries around the world. With our solution, you can have this meeting at short notice and without creating thousands of € of costs for travel, room rent, catering, and accommodation.

Are you interested to see and experience? Contact us, and we will be more than happy to demonstrate a way of immersive and sustainable collaboration.

virtual reality office
virtual reality office to meet colleagues and clients

Implementing brand experience and change is a hugely complex activity, often with substantial investment costs and operational challenges during delivery.

We have developed a simple formula that ensures a brand is always successfully implemented and activated.

Consistency is an essential ingredient. Brand standards and experience should not differ from location to location. There will be a need for localisation based on culture, but this should not dilute the core experience only enhance it by being respectful to the local market needs. is our global network of trusted partners that ensure we can be everywhere you need us to be. It provides local language, culture, understanding, speed and value. is continuously expanding its global network, both in capability and in geographical spread.

If you share our passion for brand experience and implementation and would like to be part of our growing network, then we would love to hear from you.

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