“Dear Michele,

Thank you for flying with us from Berlin Tegel to Munich. We hope that your journey with us has fully met your wishes and expectations.
We are always working to improve the (brand name) experience. Therefore, we would like to hear from you about what we can do even better. Your feedback will play an important role in shaping our customer service. Therefore, we would like to hear all about your experience by asking you a few questions.”

This is what I received signed by the CEO and the Head of Customer Care of this airline. Well, most of you will think about the plenty of emails you get asking you for your opinion and satisfaction with the brand you interacted. Well, in this case, I found it interesting that an airline company was asking me about an experience I could not have had. Yes, I had the intention to be in Berlin on that day and to fly back to Munich. But due to a delay in the morning (it had started to snow) with the same airline, I sat in the plane for a little bit more than two hours until together with some other fellow passengers we left the aeroplane again. My meetings in Berlin were either now gone, or the time needed to get to Berlin from the airport to the meeting place and back to the airport would just have ruined my day.

If you have ever experienced trying to leave an aeroplane that has all the passengers seated, completed boarding and undocked from the gangway, then you know it is not that easy to leave the aeroplane again.

Because of security reasons. The company knew who was leaving the plane and that I was on 23e and had no luggage and that there was a return flight just some hours later and that I had to cancel my trip to Berlin. How come, they did not know I was not on the flight back? Speaking about Customer Care and being interested in customers this is my feedback:

“Dear CEO,

Thank you for your mail and the interest in my experiences with your airline. Unfortunately, I can’t share with you experiences about the flight Berlin – Munich, because I was not on the flight. You probably do not even know that due to the very long delay in Munich, I left your early morning plane Munich – Berlin after two hours sitting and waiting. A situation you cannot be blamed for, as the snow had started to block the runways.

I think you had a good intention in asking me for my feedback. But your email shows how automated our lives have become and how less authentic and honest it has become in the customer relationship. My advice, therefore, is ‘customer communication must be relevant and, above all, authentic.’